Friday, 6 July 2012

.do it yourself: homemade bath soak

I know a lot have been said of that. But this is quite easy way to make your own homemade bath soak!

First you gotta decide what properties you want your bath soak to have or what scent do you want to bathe yourself in. For example I love lavander, i love the scent, the look and everything it makes to my body and mood! If you are tired but can't fall asleep or insomnia tortures you - this is like the very best recipe to lull you down to bed. Let's make you 3 bags! What you need:

9.9 oz. sea salt
0.48 oz. of lavander beads
45 drops of lavander essential oil
0.7 coconut oil (optional).
a spatula
3 organza or bath tea bags

No matter what kind of beads you take, it may be grade 1 as well as the lower. 45 drops of essential oil will give us about 15 drops per bath. You can surely use less or more it's up to you. But I would not recommend going over 20 drops per bath as high concentrations of any essential oil may harm your skin. And as for coconut oil again, you can use more or not use it at all, for me the target is to moisturize my skin but at the same not to make my bath greasy.
First take a big bowl and mix well sea salt, essential oil and coconut oil. Mix very well. If salt grains seem too large you can work em in the food processor. But it will still melt in your bath, so there is no difference. Now you are ready to add lavander beads. You can mix it in or leave it like that.

Then divide your salt into 3 equal parts and put each part into single organza or bath tea bag. And this is pretty all. Enjoy!

Be careful! Don't use when allergic or pregnant.


  1. oh I love thsi one, your photos are sooo professional

    Regards from Germany