Monday, 18 June 2012


Verbena counts about 250 species around the world. It has long been associated with divine and other supernatural forces. For example, among other names for the plant are "tears of Isis", "Juno's tears", "blood of Mercury" and "Venus' nerve". In Ancient Greece, it was dedicated to Eos Erigineia, the goddes of the dawn. In the early Christian era, folk legend stated that Verbena herb was used to staunch Jesus' wounds after his removal from the cross. It was consequently called "Holy Herb" or "Devil's bane".

Verbena essential oil is made of lemon verbena. It has loads of qualities including stress relieving, spasmolytic, healing. It helps to eliminate depression, fatigue, irritability. When you've got a headache - this is the best aid as it works to calm blood vessels of the brain, stop dizziness and nausea. Verbena accelerates not only skin regeneraion abilities but also muscles and bones after fractures and overextensions.

Try to blend with cinnamon, nutmeg.
Be careful! Don't use when pregnant; don't use during or before getting sunburn.

Besides all mentioned, few Verbena species attract butterflies and I think it's very cute.

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